19 January, 2014

2-2-7 working with yourself: WHY up, HOW down

Another great way to make yourself decide faster is to discover if the choice you are making is actually the most suitable one available at the moment to serve the purpose or not
And the best way to know that is to know the real, essential, primary reason/emotional desire/motive/moral behind that:
-          Just keep asking yourself why I want to do that, and repeat the question again and again until you finally reach the essential reason

Then you need to ask yourself HOW I could get that:
-          This is called "successive approximation": starting from a general idea and  
-          Go all the way down again to discover any other ways to satisfy this primary desire, see all your options and
-          As you go down … you will discover many options... compare between them, and choose the most suitable ones and work on them by asking more HOWs
-          As you go down further and further, you will fill in the details more and more

So, whatever you want to do –especially for big decisions- you need to step back and just keep asking yourself WHY all the way up and then HOW all the way down and you will discover what you really need/want to do much easier and quicker