29 January, 2014

2-2-15 working with yourself: Excessive self-regard tendency

A psychological fact:

The less we know about something, the more competent we think we are
-          We tend to be very confident and overvalue our thoughts, beliefs, ideas, plan …etc. over the others'
-          Being confident and a believer is very good actually, it is the main drive of the most inspiring persons in history who made huge changes in the world, especially when you have a belief of a very-unlikely big dream
But the excessive confidence is very bad, it will make you just keep making dumb decisions and not listening to any one's advice until you find yourself in a deep shit hole that you can't out of

-          The difference between the two is a very simple test: are you asking yourself all the time if you are really that good or you just imaging that?
Asking that question and seeking for an answer by testing your ideas, counseling people, listing to criticism, educate one's self …etc. is a very good indicator of being better than you think you are
The more you learn, the more you know how clueless and ignorant you have been –are. And the more you practice, the more consciously-confidence you become and the more you become aware of what you are doing and how to self-correct yourself

So always seek advice, counseling and knowledge. Test your ideas against others' and book's to see if you really that good … and if not, by doing that you are already improving yourself and become better every day