23 January, 2014

2-2-12 working with yourself: Impossible is nothing

We have talked already about "mental simulation" and how our brain can simulate and calculate the consequences of actions

One of the most useful & helpful tools to get things done is a little tweak form "mental simulation" called: "Counterfactual Simulation"

Asking yourself: What would happen/what would it be look like if X happens?

-          Don't be afraid, you are in the virtual world right now, you can ask yourself whatever you want
-          Ask yourself the most crazy, structure-changing, weird questions you have ever thought of
-          Take these questions seriously
-          Be as flexible, versatile, arbitrary, daring as you can
-          Start writing down solutions and scenarios:
-          What would have to be true in order to make this work?
-          Start writing down solutions and scenarios, fill in the planks
You will be astonished how less difficult are the things you assume they are just dreams for you 

You just have to treat the most impossible idea you have as a "project", simplify and break it down to doable steps and handle-able difficulties and you will really discover that "Impossible is nothing"