13 January, 2014

2-1-16 the human mind: Ego [willpower] depletion

When you do things you do it by the force of either two things:
-          Love and passion: the infinite power supply to do it
-          Willpower: you force yourself to do this in the hope that u finally reach satisfaction and pleasure
But pay attention to that willpower is not an infinite power supply, it is more like a power gauge; it is finished and recharged. However it is an inevitable option, we don't love and can't also force ourselves to love all the tasks, jobs we have to do

Think of it like you have 100 points of willpower every day when you wake up. And you don't like your job, you have to stick to a diet and workout. So you have to push yourself through all these stuff using only willpower. You finished your job (70 points taken) and worked out (30 points taken) and then just before sleep you  didn't have the enough willpower to resist eating, so you opened the fridge and ate all the food in it :(

Also look at this marshmallow experiment; I think we all know it

Scientists found from that and from other studies about colleague students:

1-     There is a link between delaying gratification (satisfaction of desires) and being successful on life
2-     People who use up a lot of their willpower earlier, will do worse later in the same conditions (they have finished all their willpower)
For example; when they try the marshmallow experiment again at the end of the day, most of the kids fail at it in much less time than they did earlier  
3-     Sleeping, raising blood sugar slightly are good ways to recharge the willpower gauge
4-     The environment has a great influence on your willpower

-          Know that willpower is not an always-there power, and you need some of your jobs\tasks to be done with passion and love to get all things done by the end of the day

-          Use willpower wisely