19 January, 2014

2-2-3 working with yourself: GOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAl

What is a "goal" exactly?
-          From the "Perceptual Control" theory; it is: setting a reference that is out of your reach so it creates a motive for you to start taking steps toward it  
What a good goal looks like?

1-     Specific
-          Very clear
-          Have a very clear visual picture of what you want
-          A "too general" goal is not a goal, e.g. "I want to be happy"
-          It make you excited when you think about achieving it
-          It is a good goal when you can at a certain point stop and say "I have achieved my goal"
2-     Positive
-          Towards something, now "away from" something
-          "I want to stop doing …" is not a good goal
-          "Goal" is something you get to, not "getting away" from, by definition
3-     Concrete
-          All the factors to achieve it are available and at you arm's reach, if not, you may want to set previous goals before that goal
4-     Immediate
-          If it is a good goal, you can start moving towards it right now

Long story short, a good goal is "An Achievement"