29 January, 2014

2-2-20 working with yourself: Enter the ZONE

Sometimes you find yourself have a lot to do, or in the mood for work, or even can't focus but you want to 

…. So you want to get into the zone (the focus for work, the loaded-context zone) as quick as possible … and here is a way to do so and it works like this:

-          You set a timer to 25 minutes
-          Turn off anything that has the least chance to distract you
-          You make yourself focused into the work and really don't talk to anyone or respond to any distractions (0 interruptions) till the 25 minutes are over
-          Take a five minutes rest
-          Get back to work at the normal pace and focus
You will find yourself got a lot done already + be in the zone for work. Actually it is kind of a funny way to deceive yourself to enter the zone and mood for work

After some time it becomes a way to get specific tasks done and a very useful strategy in the emergency, urgent tasks … and your threshold will increase with time to make these periods with time (2 every 3 hours, 3 every 3 hours, 4 every three hours …. and so on)