23 January, 2014

2-2-10 working with yourself: Self-elicitation

Here is a problem regarding 'Externalization': it is not so easy, especially at beginning- to get ideas out of your brain and translating it to words and sentences?

-          Actually, getting the ideas out is kind of half-solving the problem
-          And the other part is getting them inside again, which is too easy
And the best way to translate ideas to words is to Ask Questions

-          Keep bombarding your brain with open-ended questions about the specified subject
-          The 6 W-questions are (in-order)
-          What/who (the identity)
-          How much (numbers and shit)
-          When (on the timeline)
-          Where (on google maps)
-          How (the steps-the strategy)
-          Why (the reason-the purpose-the goal)
-          These are all the questions you can ask
-          You don't need to have such answers to all these Qs for every problem you face
-          Remember: (Why All The Way Up & How All The Way Down)? This is an example of self-elicitation technique

The more questions you ask, the more you can figure out how to solve problems, plan projects ….etc.