23 January, 2014

2-2-9 working with yourself: Externalization

The high-brain, that crust on the external of our brain is relatively new to us and with all the tasks it has to do, it is not accustomed yet to get them all done by itself
For example: a very important part of this is that internal connection/communication between it and the midbrain
-          That’s why we tend to get confused, forget about hard tasks we don't want to do
-          The negative emotional side our mid brain feels about some stuff makes it very mean and tend to miscommunicate with us (our high-brains) about them
Another example is dealing with large amount of data, working with complicated problems ….. Usually anything that is out the comfort-zone-reference of the mid-brain which has the upper hand over the relatively new high-brain

Also, keep tracking of things we are thinking of is a hard thing for our cortex to handle efficiently on its own

-          And knowing that our high-brains are great and very efficient in receiving signals from the outside environment via senses, we already figured out a way to deal with this internal "miscommunication" problem and this strategy is called: 'Externalization':
Taking out info from the brain to outside and then make the high-brain receives it by the ways it is best at; the senses
-          That is what we do when people (or some of them):
-          Learn best by teaching to other
-          Have somebody to talk to relieve stress, solve problems
-          Write down steps and actions and to-dos
-          Deciding verbally and out loud what to do
-          Learn by writing down and studying out loud
 You know now what to do, for example there is a great strategy adopted by programmers called "Rubber-ducking":

When they have a big problem they don't know how to solve, they have a rubber duck that they talk with and tell it their problem and that helps greatly solve that problem

So, for signaling more efficiently to the brain, take info outside the brain and get it inside again using senses

The more you externalize, the clearer things will become for you, and the faster you will make progress on important things