19 January, 2014

2-2 working with yourself: Tip, The Urgent/Important Matrix

Urgent/Important Matrix
-          Box number One
-          House On Fire
-          Lots of stress and corticosteroids in your blood
-          Bad on the long run, exhausting and  indicator of bad organization
-          When tasks are here, know that they moved from box two to here because something is wrong!
-          When a lot of tasks are here … something is wrong … Fix it!

-          Box number Two 
-          The Real Schedule
-          Critical stuff
-          That's the only box where everything need to be
-          Sort from the most important to the least important then get yourself busy

-          Box number Three
-          Distractions
-          The most deceiving son-of-a-bitch box
-          That's where your day disappear and you don't know why
-          Most of tasks in BOX.1 should be here, you just get deceived by the urgency and put them there instead of here
-          Once you discover one, get rid of it immediately … that would be hard on you at first, but you will get used to it and you WILL thank me later

-          Box number Four
-          Don't Do It
-          The most stupid things are here

-          One you read this, you have no excuse of keeping this box there