29 January, 2014

2-3-1 working with others: Power???

What is "POWER" equal to in meaning? It can't be equal to "CONTROL" in anyway especially regarding business. The only person we can control is ourselves, we don't have any kind of control over the others

-          Power over others can be referred to as "Influence", which means that the power we have over other others is "Indirect" power instead of the incorrect "Control" word "Direct power"
-          We give and receive this (Influence – indirect power) at all time with any interaction we encounter with the people or even the environment around us
-          Communicating with people always sends messages of the words, actions, body language, voice, smells, shape, clothes …. All this info can influence us in many ways

-          Learning how to use all the factors in, around you to direct the influence you want on the people around you is the key to gain "Power " over them