29 January, 2014

2-3-2 working with others: Why work with people?

You know this quote: "Know everything about one thing, and know one thing about everything"? This is the answer

In the world we live in, sciences are incredibly large and it is impossible to know everything about a science, so sciences are branched with so many specialties

A person can only specialize in one specialty; to know everything about it and can actually give something useful and productive about it

We can't be self-sufficient at all nowadays at even 2 specialties within one branch of a science, so we need other people to work with

-          Each one of us focuses on one thing to be very good at and then collaborate with others to be most effective and productive
We still need of course some people to know a lot of things about many stuff, these are the CEOs and board members of businesses… but it comes with time and experience

So, focus on what you are good at to be the best at it – read, be intellectual and learn one thing about everything – collaborate with other specialists – outsource with the best people

You can't be self-sufficient if you want to play it big … that was doable long time ago, but now you just can't