13 January, 2014

2-1-17 the human mind: Structural determination

I am not going to talk about how to use your willpower points well. Instead I am going to talk about how to waste it. There are two main things:

1-     Use it all up in the morning
Sleeping at 5am when you have to wake up at 7am, see how much points will be consumed
2-     And the main topic here:
Use it all on things that you can prevent
You can easily alter the environment around you to make it conducive to your behavioral change. The structure of your environment plays a huge role in your behavior
If you want to have\avoid a specific behavior in you… changing the things around you will just save you the effort from resisting this behavioral modifications and keep forcing them again using the precious willpower points 

Some environmental factors:
-          Foods, drinks
-          Placed you visit
-          People you know
-          Paths-ways you take
-          Certain equipment
-          Staying places

For example, I think the stupidest thing to do in life is to keep temptations around you while you are trying to avoid them:
-          Keep a box of donuts within the reach of your arm while you are on diet
-          Keep hanging out in bars and keeping small bottles of alcohol everywhere when you are trying to stop being alcoholic 
And the stupidest fake claim I have ever heard of so far is by doing that we are testing our willpowers. NOOOO STUPID; you are WEAKENING it nothing else

So, know that environment is an extremely strong force. It has the ability to eat all your goals and plans for breakfast

Know that you can save a lot of your willpower to use it later on the real important stuff that really matter instead of wasting it trying to keep avoiding temptations around you all the day long