23 January, 2014

2-2-11 working with yourself: Don't multitask

Our brains can just focus on one thing at a time

Every time you need to work/continue working on a task, your brain need time to load all the context related to that specific task … that "Context-loading" takes time to get you in the zone

For complicated problems … it takes from 15 to 20 minutes to load all the stuff related to that task/subject

Multitaskers -as they are accustomed to such attention-switching thing, it take less time for them, but no one can just eliminate that loading-time or even minimize it to a minimum amount

-          Multitasking is proved to be THE least efficient way to do stuff
-          Multitasking is exactly working the same way distractions do. Just try to make a dramatic, emotional phone call in the middle of a meeting and see how long does it take to get back in the zone
-          In multitasking, you are just rapidly switching attention between many things
-          Researches show that the level of focus you drive with when you talking to the phone using Bluetooth headset is the same level of focus of a drunk person driving the car
The more switching you do, the more time you need to load, the less productive you will be

So, structure your schedule with the fewest distractions/ interruptions possible and single-tread your tasks, one by one. You will find yourself being more productive with better performance over shorter time