29 January, 2014

2-2-18 working with yourself: Performance load

The simplest fact about any engine, machine in the world: overworking over the normal limits will cause less performance and finally a breakdown.
-          The more you have to do, the lower your performance
-          The higher the load, the lower the performance
You have limited recourses; time, energy, motivation points … over working and over burdening yourself with many things will just drain your powers, thinking always of the tasks on you will make you less focused doing tasks and it will be the same as multitasking. Mistakes will just be higher

So, you have to set limits for yourself. Keeping yourself busy and motivated to do stuff all the time is good, but crossing the thin line will just give the opposite effect of that

-          Eliminate the unnecessary tasks
-          Delegate (if someone can do  a task at 80% or higher of your performance, delegate)
-          Defer tasks to its time
-          Refuse to take tasks above your limits and be clear and determent about that

-          Make sure you always have extra capacity for emergency, sudden tasks and for the rest of your life; family friends, relationships, yourself…etc.