29 January, 2014

2-2-14 working with yourself: Worst case scenario

It is always very useful to go through the mental simulation experience of the "Worst Case Scenario" for many reasons:

-          You may imagine something you have never thought of as a likely-to-happen situation and you discover that you better be prepared for it
-          Thinking about the worst make you feel comforted that you have prepared for it (have a plan B or have a way to fix it)
You need to imagine the worst things that can happen, the model that can be studied as (what NOT to do in a business), and take it seriously and ask yourself three Qs:

1-     How likely is that scenario to happen?
2-     How can I improve/fix it?
3-     Will I survive it?
The important thing is to have always plan B and not to just freeze in your place.

Always remember if you have a problem, either you can do something about it, then you do it, or not ... then prepare an exit … just don't freeze and lock.