19 January, 2014

2-2-4 working with yourself: The state-of-being

Some of the goals are not exactly "goals" according to the 4 characteristics we sated about a valid goal. They better be called: 
"State Of Being" or "Quality Of Life" decisions 
-          For example
-          I want to be happy
-          I want to feel calm and energetic
-          I want to stop doing …..
The main reasons you shouldn't treat them as goals are:

1-     They are not specific
-          You can achieve them one day and the next day you don't feel happy or anything …… that would be very frustrating if you treated it as a goal
2-     Some of them are not positive, not immediate
-          Most of the time moving away from something is a big thing, you need to make a big structural change, defuse that first before you can set a positive, specific goal to move toward it

So, states-of-being are more like a decision criteria to have a "Quality of Experience" than a definitive specific goal