29 January, 2014

2-2-22 working with yourself: Locus of control

You can't control most of the things around you; most of people, environment, and multifarious things that happen around and for us

Actually you can only control only ourselves –to a certain limit- and things you own and some people you can influence

A very good strategy to not get insane in this world trying to control everything and worrying about that is to separate what you can control from things you can't control or influence

And I am not saying ignore them … not at all … you prepare of them, foresee them,  plan to react to them, respond and hit back … but that don't try to control them .. you simply can't … so stop worrying about it

DON'T worry about things you CAN'T do anything about ….. life will be much easier and peaceful

So, what if bad things happened and you just can't do anything about it? What is the best strategy to deal with it?
-          Actually there are two solutions: you can keep kicking yourself in the butt and damaging all your nerves as a punishment to you for …. for … for …. Actually I don't know for what … just you this in vain, with no purpose at all
-          And the second solution is to ACCEPT it. Ask yourself: I am here … where to go from here, where to start from?

I know it is a hard choice, but I am sure you will choose wisely :)