13 January, 2014

2-1-1 The human mind

Businesses are done by PEOPLE for PEOPLE. We need to understand the human mind so we can understand how people (including ourselves) we make decisions

The best thing about this section is understanding and learning how to work with yourself first and how other people work

The caveman syndrome:

-          We haven't almost changed a lot on the biological level since we were cavemen, but the environment and our jobs has changed drastically
-          For example; the amount of info our minds process a day now is equivalent to eighteen years of data processed by our caveman ancestor!!!
-          So we have to accept the fact that we aren't built for this in the first place; out bodies are built for running, hunting, chasing preys…..etc.; for an active lifestyle I mean, not for the sedentary life we live now. We are not adapted for sitting in front of our laptops 8 hours a day
-          Just notice how children play and how they are being active all the time and you will know what I mean. Being active is the natural thing and forcing them to be calm and be glued to the table to study and memorize stuff is against what we are designed to do … it is just how we force them to adapt to the environment and lifestyle they are going to live
Be compassionate about yourself and know that it is a hard task for your body to adapt to the life we live now