22 February, 2014

3-2-12 analyzing systems: Humanization

Humanization is the ultimate skill of analysis, the gift that sooo few of us are capable of doing and maintaining it with long times of dealing with abstract numbers

That is most impotent with systems that affect people. Humanization is the skill of translating the numbers to actual human beings, understanding how these numbers stand out in a world full of humans with feelings and emotions

People with this skill need to be around people all the time, not just setting on front of their laptops … as it is kind of skill that fades with time if you keep out of the customers and people for some time.
This empathy part is where A LOT of the best data analysts miss. It is easier for them to control numbers. The more they understand what these numbers really are in the real world, the more useful the data becomes and the better they can use it to improve the system