08 February, 2014

2-3-20 working with others: Attribution error

When something goes in the wrong way/ doesn't work as expected …we tend to blame the reason on someone else, and this someone blames it on another person …. Everyone and everything is wrong but us :/

Actually it is almost one of two things:
1-     You are part of this if not the essential cause of what happened and you just don't want to admit that
2-     It is because of inevitable circumstances and the guy you blame is doing his best but that was just out of his control
So before you take action you are gonna regret, collect as much info about this situation as possible, know about the context of this …. Then try to fix it first then blame who is ti be blamed and take action against him (don't reverse this as you may need that person you are going to blame –to fix this situation because things may go wrong when blaming him and he refuses to assist you fixing this)

And if you don't know detailed context about the problem, assume it is due to some circumstances. Unless this kind of behavior/action becomes sort of a pattern with a specific someone, then you are free to take action against him

Also, be fair and blame some of this on you, at least for not foreseeing this coming