04 February, 2014

2-3-12 working with others: Social proof

Here is another term associated with signaling and convergence.

We are part of different clans, and we, the individuals (as part of our collective identity) , tend to mimic what the majority of the clan do to become more and more lie them with time

Also, when we enter a situation, a business, a market we do NOT know about, we do like what the other people do. Think about traditions and religions' rites, also what people do when they move form a country to another with a whole different culture … with time we become part of it

But remember; this mainly depends upon who is sending the message (the hidden order to do like he does) … the more that person looks like you, the stronger his effect upon you    

-          That is why testimonials are extremely effective in marketing

-          And that' why businesses popularity and sales has an automatic part in it, they have a momentum of their own as more and more people start to follow and use it