04 February, 2014

2-3-6 working with others: Give them the WHY

A psychological experiment:
A very long line of students were waiting to copy their papers, a person came and asked: "Can I cut the line?" ….. Almost none agreed to such request
Then he changed the question form: "Can I cut the line, please?" …. The exact same result as previous
Then he changed the question form to: "Can I cut the line because I am late for the class?" …. Many people agreed to let him cut the line and actually did let him copy the papers before them

People always when given orders, being requested to; they ask themselves the why question:
-          Why should I do this?
-          Why me to do this?
And they are much more likely to comply when you give them the answers to these two questions with what you tell them to do

Interestingly, actually amazingly, when the same person changed the question to: "Can I cut the line because I want to copy some papers?" …. He got the exact same response as "YES" as the last question he asked!!!!!!!!

-          It is like that all you need to give is the word "because" not the real logical reason itself
-          Like you must fill some planks in their heads to just make them comply to you, and the way to do it is to say because and then follow it by any shit
So, in the perfect case; when you order someone, request from someone, convince someone to buy what you are offering; give him the reason why HIM to do THIS

And if you fail to find a good reason … say anything … but say because, the magical word for compliance ;)