12 February, 2014

3-1-6 understanding systems: Feedback loops

It means that you input something in the system, get an output and re-input it I the system ….. and so on
There are types of feedback loops
1-     Positive feedback loop
-          The output is positively larger than the input
-          It gets bigger exponentially

A special type of feedback loop is
-          Type: self-reinforcing feedback loop
-          It is a chemical term: some reactions produce what is necessary for them to continue – provide the conditions for the next reaction – even make the reaction be better/ stronger …etc.
-          Output input, and the output is re-inputted in the system again and again
-          Example: marketing campaigns that gets more money than the input amount and then re-input it into the system again (positive, exponential loop)
-          This kind of loop isn't infinite … it is converted with time to balancing loop because of market satisfaction or changes in the environment  
2-     Negative feedback loop
-          You put negative input in the system
-          You get bigger negative output
-          The negative output gets larger and larger exponentially with every cycle

3-     Balancing feedback loop  
-          The output is smaller than the input

-          It gets smaller and smaller with time till it vanishes