04 February, 2014

2-3-8 working with others: Referrals

People prefer to do business with people they like and people they know
As a primal instinct, we fear the unknown and we assume that unknown things are risky

-          of course you prefer to deal with someone you know or even recommended by someone you know/trust than to do business with a completely new guy, even if the recommended one is a little more expensive to deal with
Look at it from the business side, the more people who know/like/trust/dealt successfully with you, the more business you will get

When you are being referred to by someone, you are not an unknown guy anymore but part of the clan/friends/acquaintances. Work is too damn easy from there as you don't need to build bridges of trust and the basis for the lifelong relationship; the loyal customer comes to you on a golden plate. All you need is to just do the simple job well      

Referrals are golden; it is like a cheat or shortcut in a game