13 February, 2014

3-1-9 understanding systems: Critical path

A set of steps that if happen in order with no problem will get you the finished product in the least time possible with the most possible efficiency and least slack of any type [resources, time, effort, labor ….. etc.]

-          A tightly-coupled system has mostly one path that is the critical path. And there are no other paths or any other alternative paths are much lower in efficiency and quality than the critical path
-          However, in a loosely-coupled system; there are many alternative paths with very close efficacy and quality to the critical path
Pay attention to how your system is designed;

-          Is it a tightly or loosely coupled system?
-          Is there any way to make it more loosely-coupled?

-          How to enhance the alternative paths to make it as close as possible to the critical path regarding the performance of the system and quality of the end-product?