04 February, 2014

2-3-14 working with others: Commitments

No one likes to appear as (oath breakers)

We don't like to break our promises. And if one of us makes a pre-commitment or a promise, they feel obligated to follow through to it than if asked a request

And one of the most effective approaches to do that (make your customers committed and just can't say no when you ask them to take your offer) is not to grab the "verbal" promise at once, but build a series of little, hidden commitments that build up into a compliance of a request at the end

Once you start dealing with them, you just
-          Say "YES" to every request they ask
-          Dedicate yourself to them
-          Fully answer any question they ask , be informative and satisfy their curiosity
-          Be sincere and close to them
-          Avoid apprising as manipulative at all
-          Make them feel that everything you do, say to them is special and you don't treat anyone like this, they are special
And while doing this, gradually ask them politely to review their options, see your stuff (in totally non-manipulative way), and when it is time to ask them for a sale, they won't refuse your offer

The only disadvantage of this is if you sold them a thing not useful to them and they took it from you out of embarrassment, you just lost a potential lifelong customer and a bad feedback. So make sure that you choose the customers that are gonna make use of your product before you use this strategy with them