04 February, 2014

2-3-13 working with others: Authority

Another ramification of the "Clanning" theory:
We have a strong tendency to listen to what an authority figure tell us to do
-          Even if that's against our morals or a ting that we don't want to do
-          Even if this "authority figure" tell you to do something irrelative to his authority area
We have authority figures all the time, and we ourselves are authority figures somewhere, for example;
-          Doctors in hospitals
-          Parents in homes
-          Managers in their work places
-          Policemen in formal uniform …..etc.
Mainly anyone who is perceived as a kind of authority has hidden, hardly noticeable power over us
That's why commercials are full of such people (actors of real people) in their full work clothes … because they represent some kind of authority to us that we tend to listen to and obey

The field is full of authority studies and results on the psychological and sociological levels and implication of these results in business areas. Overview them and see how to use them in your life, business, marketing campaigns … etc.