12 February, 2014

3-1-5 understanding systems: Environment

Every system operates within an environment that impacts it someway

-          Something you should know about systems/businesses; that they are like self-perpetuating live forms. They exist and create/produce things from the environment to keep their existence
-          The challenging thing that environments change all the time, and systems must cope with these changes fast enough in order to survive

-          Darwin concept works pretty well here too: the death of the unfit
It works like this:
Environment changes, the priorities change too, customers' criteria and preferences change in response …. And the systems must cope from the other way to meet these new changes

The systems which resist these changes are risking the opportunity of seizing to exist. That's why there will be always newcomers and rising stars in the business

And for your info, the business that can keep itself on the top for a sufficient time, it will be more adaptable to changes and it will get to the point that it can control the changes in the environment … and the gap between it and the rest of systems/businesses will be like the gap between us –humans- and the rest of the creatures