08 February, 2014

2-3-17 working with others: Dissolution of responsibility

This is a psychological proven theory: the more the number of people watch/behold a certain situation, the less each one feels responsible towards it >>> the responsibility DISSOLVE among them

-          A basic management rule: when a task assigned to a committee, number of people, it is never done. Everyone just feel that the others will do it and it is not his responsibility to do it
-          A basic guideline in emergency training: when you are in trouble don't just yell "HELP" to everyone, but make eye contact with one person, single him out and order him to help you …. He will feel that he is the one responsible for aiding you and it is HIS –not anyone else's- job

When you want a task done:
1-     Give it to one persons (or many persons, with each one having only one partial, specific task of it)
2-     Set a deadline