04 February, 2014

2-3-15 working with others: Incentive

People always have their incentive, different causes to act the way they do. It is not a wrong or right thing; it is just the way we live

Almost all the time you deal with people with different interests and incentives and causes and try to shift the world around them in their best interest that may be in your favor (interest) or against it …. Be aware of that

And even if you have mutual interest with somebody, you have to understand that your incentive may be different and you have to recognize his

Understand people incentives to know what they rewarded for
-          Yourself, your intrinsic motivations and goals
-          People work with you
-          Your customers
-          Affiliates
-          Competitors
-          Investors
And then deal with everybody according to his incentive and what will satisfy his needs

And never forget that proverb:
"Never ask a barber if you want a haircut or not"