04 February, 2014

2-3-11 working with others: Sending messages

Very often that people buy/do stuff because these stuff send a particular social message/signal …. This term is called signaling
-          people who want to appear rich often buy expensive stuff that other people can't buy
-          people tend to be exotic, different, stand out among others
-          people adopt certain lifestyles or religions or attitudes to send a certain message of their identity
-          for example:
-          clothes
-          watches
-          cars
-          places to live on
-          universities
-          vegan
-          green/organic products
-          clubs
-          sports
-          cults and secret groups/associations
-          illegal things
Of course we can't take a certain brand or attitude that some people do and generalize one signaling to all who adopt this, everyone has his own motives .. but generally most or a very large segment of people take that specific course of action for that signaling reason

We can track down all of the signaling or social messages people try to send to the four fundamental human drives: acquisition, bonding, learning and defending (or a hybrid of two or more of these) 

The more you can understand what these signals are and figure out what your targeted market actually want to communicate, the more you can use that in your advantage