10 February, 2014

3-1-2 understanding systems: Inflow/Outflow - Stock

The first thing you should learn about a system is that it every system has "FLOW":
There are always things [resources] entering the system: the inflow, and resources that exiting your system: the outflow

Almost all things have a flow in the system: people, money, materials ….etc.

And you should be aware of everything that enters and exits your system (in another way: everything that follows a flow pattern)

The water in the sink

What we call the resources that are already in the system? We call them (STOCK)

Stock is the pool of resources that are in the system

And the two most basic things to learn about them are how to increase them and how to decrease them. To know that … think of them like water in a sink

-          To increase a resource in the system
1-     Increase its inflow
2-     Decrease its outflow
-          To decrease it
1-     Decrease the inflow
2-     Increase the outflow
You can use one or both of the 2 ways at different rates to achieve the pool amount you want in your system