08 February, 2014

2-3 working with yourself: Tip, Incentive; do not use it naively

-          The most common incentive to use is the money; raising the salary, commissions ….. etc.
-          On face to face sales, it is smarter on the long run to give the salesmen a big salary instead of
-          Give them a commission based on the high-end sales, they will just compete and focus on these customers and ignore the rest
-          Give them a commission based on closing the sale, it will just make them try to sell to as many customers as possible, this will make a lot of problems with the customer services especially dealing with PITA (Pain In The Ass) customers

-          Incentives can actually have the opposite effect. People do some stuff because it makes them feel good to give, for fun, they want to do it … and by incentifying them with money, you actually replace their original motive with money and it is not as thrilling to them to do it any more