04 February, 2014

2-3-10 working with others: Convergence & Divergence

Continuing with the clanning concept: groups have a natural tendency to become more alike & less like other groups over time

There is a very honest and true quote (it changes my life after I heard it):
You are the average of the five people you spend most of your time with

What is the reason behind that? Through communicating with the people you spend your time with, they are influencing you and vice versa till you all come to an average over time

That phenomenon happen all the time across all levels; the friends zone to the races and ethnicities scopes

Considering businesses point of view; companies tend to have "cultures"; you hear all the time about a specific "type" of persons who work in a specific company, they became so alike that you can distinguish a google employee from a Microsoft or apple or Samsung or …… employee

So be very aware of what groups you belong to, who you spend most of your time with …. And pay careful attention to who you are becoming more alike and who you are becoming less alike