08 February, 2014

2-3-19 working with others: The secret

It is a test-proven concept about self-filling expectation:

If a leader has expectation for people work with him, make them know this and treat them like this; they will rise up to these expectations

This rule has 4 conditions to work:
1-     You believe that they actually can do and perform better
2-      You make them know this. This is crucial for this concept to work
3-     Deal with them like this
4-     Be reasonable about how good you tell them you expect them to do

And also this work vice versa; the less you expect them to perform, the less they will actually perform

And this has nothing to do with perception or the way you see it, this is tested and compared to absolute standards

But be aware of the cons of this rule:

-          Quality vs expectation: the more you expect them to perform, the more disappointed you will be when they don't live to your expectations
-          Contrast: you may perceive the bad worker that performs better than you expect better than the good worker that performs lower than your expectations; even if the good worker has more productivity and improvement rate than the bad worker >> as it is not a fair compare between the 2 workers, it becomes a compare between each worker and your expectations of him

So, always give your employees a good reputation to live up to and treat them like it. Leader's expectations actually influence the performance of people around him