15 December, 2013

1-5-4 finance: Target monthly revenue

So the question is:

How much money do we need to make to be sufficient?

"Target monthly revenue" is a financial goal. You need to answer some questions first:

-          How much are we spending on the business?
-          How much money needed to pay the pills?
-          How much do we need to compensate for the effort and time?
Then you can determine how much money you need from the business over a certain, short period of time (month, week, quarter)

-          If you are achieving that or above that goal… GREAT
-          If you are achieving below that then you have issues that need working on
That question is never static, always changes with every regular period. So it must be answered regularly

Also, that will help you answer a very important question: whether you are on track of what you are hoping for or not