02 December, 2013

1-3-11 sales: Scratch my back and I'll scratch yours

A profound human thing:

When somebody benefits us, we want to benefit them.

Also if someone get some expensive gift from somebody and he can't return this favor in the same value, they get this annoying feeling (we all experienced that)

People tend to be generous for a lot of reasons, for example:

-         Impose authority
-         Building trust
-         Develop relationships
-         Get something in return on the long run
And after studies, scientists found that:

-         People who get the most of a specific website tend to fill surveys to improve it, send suggestions and notifications about problems as a return for what they get from it (personally I do this all the time with google and IMDB)
-         When people go to buy a car, those who accept the offer to have a drink of a coffee have more tendency to buy one/the more expensive one/ with additional accessories than who don’t accept that gift/drink
-         Big companies prohibit their negotiators from accepting anything from the other party until the negotiation is done

And this reciprocation, generosity thing is not proportional at all, you see that in the car buyers example, just add any value and make people feel that you are doing your best for them and you will see the return

Plus, when you give them something (info, experience, smile, sincere advice), their relationship with you is confined by the business between you, so all what they can do in return will be something related to the business part ;) [Buy what you offer, buy accessories, be gentle and not pain in the ass :), answer your feedbacks and surveys, give you advice, correct you on something, turn out to be a great professional relationship…. Etc.  ]

So be generous and give away values. It won't cost you that much time or effort, and the results will be awesome on the long run

The more you give people, the more likely that they will support you