03 December, 2013

1-4-1 value delivery: Value stream

It is the term that means
The combination of value creation and value delivery processes. How the value is created and how it is delivered to the customers  
There is a great epic story behind every product that is out there on the shelf starting from

-         The creation of the product on paper
-         The actual value creation in the factory
-         Packaging
-         Transport to distribution centers
-         To the stores' stock
-         To the shelf for the customers
All previous with parallel construction and implementation of marketing and sales plans

It is a very long process that any successful business owner needs to understand and digest very well

-         As an entrepreneur you have to be able to visualize and diagram this "Value Stream", to write it down
-         Then you have to analyze it, see it in your mind and just iterate through it all the time to make  zillions of tiny teeny adjustments to make it better
-         The ultimate goal of this is to make this process as efficient as it can be on terms of number, time, money, effort, energy, clarity, quality control …. Etc.

So the more you can understand the value stream, the more you can get it out of your mind, diagram it, study and analyze it, iterate through it, and make it better all the time

And very important to see it on paper in an easy understandable simple form, not just see it in your brain