03 December, 2013

1-3-14 sales: About the ridiculous guarantees

Another thing so profound about us:

We hate to lose, to make mistakes and bad decisions. We all fear from the perception of risk, fear from the idea of losing 

For the customers, you and your product are the potential mistake they might make

They just tell themselves all the time: "am I gonna regret this? Well I don’t know if this is a good idea, why should I trust him?"

This feeling of uncertainty is very bad for you. That decreases the chance of closing the deal to a great extent. 

The more unsafe they feel about that, the less they are gonna buy form you

So what can you do about that?

-         The best solution is to do the "risk reversal" thing: take all the risk that they feel upon yourself as a seller
-         You need to make ridiculously generous and insane guarantees like: here, try that for a complete year and if you don’t like it just call us for free and we will come and give you 101% of your money and erase this bad experience from you ……. Etc.

The benefits from this are:

-         Making such promises and guarantees just overkill this feeling of risk, increase their trust in what you are offering. Your customers will just have no reason not to deal with you  
-         On the long run, this is a very good way to stand alone and to build marvelous reputation and to build trust between you and your customers
-         And according to the same concept on witch this strategy is built, customers just hate to lose a thing they used to own for a long period. Almost no one returns a thing they sued to use for that long

You may found that some customers are taking advantage from you. People who go through the entire thing and just ask you for repay at the end. I know that no one likes to be used like that and we just hate being scammed like our customers do. But don’t be disappointed by that attitude

The benefits you will get from applying such ridiculously generous guarantees greatly overweight the losses you may encounter. You will make much more money that will make up for it