03 December, 2013

1-3-15 sales: Keep in touch

Getting new customers is demanding process that takes effort, money, time, resources

This is something that most entrepreneurs don’t consider:

It is easier to sell to a person that has already purchased from you in the past than to find/make new customers

That term is called "reactivation"

-         Past customers do know you
-         They probably know the value that you are offering, have passed already through the marketing and selling process
-         They have trust to buy from you again; they have already done that before :)

By sending regular emails, post cards, brochures that contain offers and discounts about what they are interested in. just keep them reminded to be ready at the door once they decide to enter and  buy a thing that you and your competitors offer. Also they may recommend you to someone they know

 Keeping in touch with your current customers especially who haven’t bought from you in a while. That would be extremely easy and cheap thing to do, almost effortless

Just make sure to have the contact info necessary to execute this strategy, and that you have their permission to do such thing without annoying them