12 December, 2013

1-4-5 value delivery: Predictability

People want to be surprised, but in a good way. So they don't want to predict 100% of what you are offering them

However, every one of us somehow has certain predictions about the value form he is getting
Predictions fall into these three categories

1-    Uniformity
Every time I buy a product anywhere in the world, I expect it to be exactly the same
2-    Consistency
I want the exact product I am buying, nothing different. If I am in need of soap right now and you give me a motorcycle, guess what? I won't be happy 
3-    Reliability
I have the total right to expect that what I am buying has the ability to do its job. If what I am buying is not reliable, how am I supposed to trust it?

So pay attention to these 3 minimum expectations your customers have about your product:
I want the same quality every time
I want what I need, not a different thing

I want it to do its job every time I use it