05 December, 2013

1-4-4 value delivery: Above & Beyond

This post is all about a simple brilliant equation:

The perceived quality of a product (reputation related) = Performance – Expectations
Meaning: no matter how the product is good or bad. It is not all about the mere quality of the product. We always compare what we expect of a certain value form to what we actually get

-          Think of your favorite team when it wins a hapless, very difficult match
-          Think of the emotions people get when they first saw a car, comparing the "meh" feeling they get now about most of the cars newly produced
-          Think of a good book when you actually get very good recommendations about that, you expect it to be something out of this world. You may even dislike it when you read it because you expect toooo much from it
-          Compare this feeling with a normal movie when all people around you say that it is a total shit, but you watch it and be like "that was actually not bad at all, I kinda actually like it. People are just so unfair with it
The best way to surpass expectations of customers about you and to make your reputation up in the sky is to utilize this concept/equation in every way possible, here are some examples:

-          Make unexpected bonuses and offers for your customers: a free shipping day, randomly choose one of them to make him a discount or deliver the product 1 or two days earlier
-          Keep info about your contacts and send them gifts on their birthdays, special life events. Even a simple post card or email is very appreciated
-          The previous point with people who work with/under you
So, always have something nice and unexpected for your customers whether new or old, that makes them feel special. They will just fall in love with you and give the best reviews and recommendations about you

-          Ensure that your customers have the best experience ever regarding these little surprises.

-          Remember that keeping notes about your customers, employees, business associates … etc. will be a great aid to give these unexpected stuff, sky-rocket your reputation and enhance the Perceived quality of your business