02 December, 2013

1-3-12 sales: Too good to be true

"When something is too good to be true, IT IS"
We all know that.

-         Trying to present your value form as the flawless, perfect , out of this world  will just make people start doubting and searching for the catch, the glitches
-         That can be damaging to the trust you want to build with your customers

-         You don’t have to pretend to be perfect, or have the perfect product (nothing is perfect by the way :) ) 
-         Just be sincere about the cons of what you offer, especially those your customers will find out about later

-         You can present your worst disadvantages in a way that you have the total respect from your customers and you will have their full trust 
-         Plus we have talked about giving info to your customers and how is that beneficial on the long run. Consider this as extra info to help customers (humans) to make a god decision. 
-         Think of it also as treating people the way you like to be treated if you were in their shoes

So don’t be afraid to make a damaging admission. It is not as damaging as you might think :)